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Monday, April 26, 2010

UK Bingo Online - Finding Luck

UK Bingo Online – Finding Luck

By: Jason Acidre

Bingo is a game of chance. You win some; you lose some.

However, there are always tips, strategies, and game plan that you can use to increase your chances of winning. At Bingotime, the best UK bingo site to play any kind of bingo, we have compiled a number of stories on how some of the online bingo players would try lure lady luck on their side to beat the odds.

Statistics say that 75% of people carry lucky charms with them. Only few may admit this but in UK bingo online, this may probably be true.

  • Some call lady luck by displaying different sorts in front of their computers before starting to play. Few of these charms include the well-known rabbit's feet or the four-leaf clovers; troll dolls, dice, birth gems and the list goes on.

  • There are people who attract luck by performing rituals before playing a game. Some wear their lucky dress or lucky socks on; others eat a special food; whiles some get advice from their horoscopes to find "clues" on how to win games.

  • There are some who use "Lucky Dust" to give their game a boost. In the traditional bingo games, the host throws upon the famous dust before, during and after each game. Apparently, this has helped some players win.

You can draw your own lucky dust or make up your own lucky charm. Keep this by your side when you play online just for fun.

No matter what you use or do, just remember to enjoy the game and keep a sunny attitude as you play. Think of actually taking home the prize! If you believe it, who's to say you can't win.

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Friday, April 23, 2010 Daily Updates

April 25, 2010 - Overall winnings of UK bingo players for the day amounted to a total of £239,184.052.

The day's Top Winner was MRSHERFACE, who won £4,089.35. Congratulations on winning!

Game of the day was Electricity

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Men Looking For Women, Try Online Bingo

Bingo’s rather unwarranted impression is that it’s predominantly a woman’s game. This misconception seemed to be etched in most minds today, stemming from early 20’s up to 50’s business strategy which mostly involves attracting bored women to play the game.

Today, although modern bingo and online bingo is attracting a younger, vibrant unisex crowd, some of the old traditions still lingers. UK bingo sites are also known for its conduciveness to socializing. In most of UK bingo sites’ chat rooms, you would notice how these places are constantly filled up with women, all open to meet new friends, new acquaintances and probably new romances.

As UK bingo sites have enticing prizes for their players, most sites offer bonuses for new members like a free game, perhaps. If you are a guy looking for someone to begin a friendship with, online bingo site is always a nice, decent place to start looking.

Search UK bingo sites with the most visited chat rooms. Visiting during night time is the best time to meet these women players. Here you don’t have to wear your best suit. Have fun, meet women friends, and try to win a few games while you’re at it.

Uk Bingo Online Reminders

Uk Bingo Online Reminders

Thursday, April 15, 2010

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The History Of Bingo

By: Jason Acidre

The origins of the game bingo takes us back in 1530, when the first ever recorded game similar to bingo (it was a lottery game called "Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia") was played in Italy. In the late 1770s, a similar game surfaced in France, called "Le Lotto", where only the aristocrats were privileged to play. Later, a game was also played in Germany but with an educational twist for children. It became a game used to make learning math, history and spelling more enjoyable and easy. It's not until 1929 when Edwin Lowe, a New York toy salesman discovered the game which then led to its introduction in the U.S. and soon, to the rest of the world.

Lowe was attending a carnival in a town in Atlanta, Georgia. There he noticed a large tent filled with people having great fun over a game of cardboards and beans. Each card has a 5 x 5 matrices with each box numbered. A caller or a pitchman in front draws and shouts random numbers from a cigar box. Players place a dried bean on every number called (which christened the "Beano" name). This game was a variation of the Lotto game that was played way back in the 1600's. Lowe was fascinated how the game draws a gaily crowd day by day. People kept on playing Beano over and over until the wee hours and without exhaustion.

This eventful gathering inspired Lowe to device his own "Beano" game in New York. He made randomly numbered cards ranging from 1-75 and invited his friends to try it out in his home. The game was delightfully received by Lowe's friends, and on one night while playing, one of them completing a pattern shouted "Bingo!" It resulted to the Bingo name we know today.

Bingo was not brought to the public until in 1930 when a mathematician named Carl Leffler developed the 6,000 Bingo matrices cards that Lowe requested. Each of these cards have different, non-repeating number pattern. Once released, Bingo game became an instant hit that still carries its fun, social repute to this day.

Bingo had several variations since it was first played. Today, millions of players enjoy the game not only in bingo halls but in the internet as well. Online bingo is gaining popularity in many countries around the world. UK bingo online is very popular in the UK and is also being played in other countries. Players from different regions search for the best UK bingo sites to enjoy this relaxing game of chance.

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